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Beautiful Paving Stone Patio Cleaning in Alexandria, VA

May 21, 2024

Beautiful Paving Stone Patio Cleaning in Alexandria, VA

Project Overview

StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC recently completed a thorough cleaning of a paving stone patio in Alexandria, VA. The client wanted their outdoor space rejuvenated for summer gatherings, removing all dirt, moss, and grime accumulated over time.

Client Requirements

The client needed a comprehensive cleaning of their paving stone patio to enhance its appearance and safety. The goal was to remove all dirt, moss, and algae, restoring the natural beauty of the stones and preventing any slip hazards.

Challenges Faced

The patio had significant moss and algae growth, especially in the shaded areas, which required special attention. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the cleaning process did not disturb the sand between the pavers or damage the stones themselves.

Solution and Process

StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC used a combination of high-pressure washing and eco-friendly cleaning solutions specifically designed for paving stones. Our team first applied the cleaning solution to loosen the moss and dirt. After allowing it to dwell, we used a pressure washer with a surface cleaner attachment to evenly and effectively clean the stones without displacing the sand between the joints. We also took care to protect surrounding plants and landscaping features.


The paving stone patio looked revitalized after our cleaning service. All moss, algae, and grime were removed, revealing the natural beauty of the stones. The patio was not only visually appealing but also safer for the client and their guests. The client was extremely satisfied with the transformation and the care we took during the process.

Customer Feedback

Client Feedback: "We are delighted with the patio cleaning service from StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC. The stones look brand new, and the team was professional and respectful of our property. Highly recommend their services!"

Budget: 300

Location: Alexandria, VA

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Products Used

    Eco-friendly detergent

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