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About StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC - Alexandria's Most Reliable Power Washing Company

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Established in 2023 by Christopher Pondish and Scott Sperling, StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC was founded with a vision to be an unparalleled power washing company for our community here in Alexandria. We've quickly become a trusted name in the industry through our passion for delivering superior results and dedication to making properties shine.

With over five years of dedicated service in the home services industry, coupled with our firsthand experience owning and operating local businesses, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake. Our journey in this industry has been driven by a passion for delivering top-quality results and a commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations at every turn.

Through our hands-on experience, we've honed our skills, refined our techniques, and cultivated a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients. When clients choose StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC, they are not just hiring a power washing company — they are partnering with seasoned professionals who are invested in the success and satisfaction of every client we serve.

At StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC, we excel in both residential and commercial soft washing and power washing in Alexandria. Our expertise lies in delivering thorough and effective cleaning solutions while preserving the integrity of various surfaces. Whether it's reviving the exterior of a home with gentle soft washing techniques, like roof cleaning, or tackling tough stains and grime on commercial properties, we have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to achieve outstanding results.

Additionally, we take pride in our ability to provide specialized cleaning services for construction equipment and commercial fleet vehicles, ensuring they look their best while maintaining optimal functionality. Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to choice for a power washing company in the Alexandria area.

StraightLine Cleaning and Detailing, LLC stands out from competitors as a veteran-owned and operated power washing company, bringing our strong work ethic and commitment to excellence to every project. Our dedication to exceptional service quality, environmentally friendly practices, and customized solutions ensures that each client receives tailored cleaning services that surpass expectations. With our reliability, professionalism, and comprehensive range of services, we provide a one-stop solution for residential, commercial, and specialized power washing needs, delivering outstanding results with integrity and care.

Returning Clients

We are proud to have a loyal base of returning clients who trust us for their power washing needs year after year. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and professionalism has earned us a reputation for excellence in Alexandria. We value our clients' trust and loyalty and strive to exceed their expectations with every service we provide.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is at the core of our approach to power washing. From thorough pre-cleaning inspections to meticulous cleaning techniques, we pay close attention to every aspect of the job. Our goal is to achieve immaculate results that leave your property looking spotless and well-maintained.

Veteran Owned & Operated

As the owners, we take immense pride in what sets us apart: our unwavering dedication to excellence, fueled by the values instilled during our time in the military. With a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and superior service, we bring a unique blend of discipline, precision, and care to every power washing project.

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